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You’ve probably read at least a dozen wedding anniversary gift lists by now, if the big day is close. There are traditional anniversary gifts by year or contemporary suggestions. The Chicago Public Library even has its own list compiled by librarians.


Why do we celebrate wedding anniversaries?

It seems like getting a present on this day goes back to the Holy Roman Empire or Medieval Germany. Silver or golden wreaths were gifted to wives after 25 or 50 years of marriage. Today, in the USA you can even get a greeting by the President on your 50th anniversary.

Whatever the origins of this tradition, one thing’s for sure: we love celebrating the day we made this big commitment. And why not? It’s only natural to celebrate love and devotion. It brings family and friends together if it’s a big party you chose. Or it can be a romantic intimate moment to experience with your loved one when it’s the two of you.

Paper, wood, crystal, jewels – traditional anniversary gifts vary in different parts of the world, depending on the year. And there are so many ways you can incorporate those into a party theme or a special present. The same goes for paintings. A painting for the wedding anniversary fits the symbolism surrounding the event perfectly. It’s very personalized and timeless. Art can capture the uniqueness of your marriage better than any other gift.

How to choose a painting as a wedding anniversary present?

Choose a size for your custom canvas. Then a frame. You could go with the fitting traditional color, like gold for a golden wedding anniversary. And then you only have to decide which moment you’d like to see depicted. Here’re some ideas:

A Couple Portrait

An artist would tell you, that portraits are about capturing the essence of a person. A couple’s portrait is about capturing the essence of a relationship. What about turning your favorite wedding photo into a painting? Your first wedding dance would look great in acrylics or watercolor. We all have favorite photos, moments we’ll never forget. Choose something that best represents what’s unique about your bond. Use your imagination!

A Family Portrait

An oil portrait of the whole family for your parents, grandparents’ or great-grandparents’ anniversary would make their celebration even more special. Can you find a picture with all your uncles, aunts and cousins together? Children are the living legacy of a great love story. And almost every family has one of those photos. Go find it!

A Landscape painting

The place you met. The place, where he proposed. Where did you spend your honeymoon? Any place you both love could make for a great watercolor landscape. It will immortalize the memories you have and remind you of those cherished moments.

Hopefully, you’re not having such a hard time thinking of wedding anniversary painting gift now. Art is universal and can always make for a great present for every occasion.

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