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Art and love always go hand in hand. People have fallen in love over and over again with The Jewish Bride (Rembrandt)The Honeysuckle Bower (Rubens) or Dance in the Country (Renoir). While standing in front of The Кiss (Klimt) you wish to enfold in the warmth of a loved one’s kiss.


5 Reasons why a Valentine’s Day painting is the most romantic gift

Artists have painted their muses and lovers. Some of the most famous paintings of couples were commissioned by the wealthy. In the past portraits even played a crucial role in matchmaking throughout Europe. In a way, a portrait could start a romance. It wasn’t unusual for royals to get their first glimpse at their future partners on a miniature.

Today, couple portraits are great gifts for all kinds of occasions. Here are 5 compelling reasons you should consider gifting art on Valentine’s Day:

1. It’s timeless

There is something special about a couple portrait painting. It can be a statement of love reaching the next generation, and the one after, grasping at the idea of eternity. Wouldn’t a custom couple portrait, your own version of The Kiss, look good in your home?

2. It’s a classic

Gifting a painting is an original, but classic way to memorialize one’s devotion. Over the centuries famous paintings of couples in love have inspired people. It is a never ending trend.

3. It’s personal

Can you think of a more personalized gift for Valentine’s Day? A hand drawn painting of both of you together is not about depicting your features. It is a window to your relationship. Think of a memory: your last summer vacation or your first wedding dance. Or just the two of you together on the porch. It’s up to you.

4. It’s romantic

Yes, it is. Art is romantic, because it can capture love in an exclusive way. Love can pour down from a couples portrait and lift you up like the lovers in Changal’s The Birthday. Encapsulating your tender relationship in watercolor or acrylics is a great idea.

5. It’s one-of-a-kind

Like you, the person you love and the bond you share. There’s a history there. The day you met, what you talked about and how you felt. All the adventures and challenges you’ve been through. Everything about your connection is unique. It deserves to be memorialized in a one-of-a-kind piece of art for you to treasure.

If you haven’t thought of a present, consider gifting a painting this year on Valentine’s Day. It will be there to make all your future celebrations together very special.

Go through our canvas painting ideas for couples and find yours.

Couples portrait by Pictures To Paint

Couple painting by Pictures To Paint
painting of couple by Pictures To Paint
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couples paintings by Pictures To Paint
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