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Pet memorials are about remembering your pet after death as a way to help you heal while letting their memory live on. It’s a painful moment for every pet owner. You had a unique relationship with your pet and want to memorialize it in a meaningful way. Every owner has their way of saying goodbye to their pets. Some organize beautiful pet memorial services. Others have pet urns and memorial stones made. Here are some creative personalized pet loss and dog memorial ideas:

1. Get a custom pet memorial painting

Having your pet’s photo hand painted is a beautiful way to honor your little friend. You never want to forget them and art is a creative way to express your love and appreciation. Do you have a favorite photo of your dog or cat? You can turn it into a personalized pet memorial portrait. It can be a photo from the day you brought them home. Or a pleasent day you spent outside, a funny photo or a cute one of them sleeping. Another idea is the two of you together or add a picture of your furry friend to a whole family painting. You can choose from different sizes and frames. Artists can do a great job memorializing your pet. Your dog memorial painting or cat memorial canvas will always remind you of the beautiful moments you shared. Custom paintings are also a unique memorial gift because very pet owner has photos they love of their pets.


Pet memorial portrait by Pic to Paint

2. Plant a tree

Pet owners share a very special bond with their pets. It’s a beautiful friendship. And what better way to honor your friend than planting a tree. It symbolizes the strength of your relationship, it will be there for the generations to come. They will share some more joyful moments under its branches. They'll probably even play with their own pets.

3. Plant a pet memorial garden

If you have a big garden, choose a corner and dedicate it to your friend. You can craft a nice memorial bench and paint it. Plant some beautiful flowers and have a garden stone turned into a pet memorial stone. Place the pet memorial urn and decorate the corner. It’s a place where you can sit, relax and remember all the moments you’ve shared.

4. Name a star after your pet

Stars are a symbol of eternity. In their long lives, they never stop transforming. From their beautiful fiery deaths, new stars and planets emerge. That’s why naming a star in your pet’s honor is another great idea. You’ll always remember them while enjoying the beauty of the night sky. It will also make you feel like your pet will always be there for you, barking or meowing from above.

5. Have a wind chime engraved

If you like wind chimes or your pet liked playing with them, this can be another great dog memorial idea. Every time you hear it, it’ll remind you of your pet. It won’t be hard choosing one, because different kinds of materials can be engraved. You can even make a DIY wind chime, paint it, decorate it. You can use your pet’s favorite small toy, anything you think your pet would have liked to play with.

6. Make a donation

Consider making a donation to a pet shelter or an organization helping other animals. This is about extending the love for your deceased pet to others. It’s a meaningful way to memorialize them and make an impact on other animals. You can turn to a local organization or find one of many online. You could donate your time as well. Spending it helping other animals will help you heal and adjust. If you’re feeling ready to open your heart to other animals, do it. It will keep your mind occupied and they will appreciate your love for sure!

7. Adopt

Finally, you can adopt a new family member, when you’re ready for it. Taking care of a new pet can help in the healing process. While you’ll never forget your deceased pet, finding a place in your heart for a new one is a natural way to heal and move on. Take your time, make sure you’re ready for all the adventures and make the step. This process is different for every pet owner. Find your way to cope and get a new pet, when the moment is right.

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Junior wanted to make a special gift to his friend Paul who recently lost his dog. We helped him to turn Paul's favorite picture of his deceased dog, which he carries on his phone for permanent, into a pet memorial painting, so he can have little blinks in time.

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Pet Memorial Painting

Coping with Losing a Pet

Dog Memorial Ideas by Pic to Paint

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"Fantastic painting that shows the exact memorial we wanted for our dog. Would definitely use again. Thank you!"

Cat Memorial Painting by Pictures to Paint

Cat Memorial Gifts

Pet memorial Ideas by Pic to Paint

Pet Memorial Gifts

"I was very pleased with the portrait they did of my beloved pet, Waldo. I chose to have his portrait done as an oil painting. I had a choice of different backgrounds or to use the background in the actual photo. I also had a choice of framing materials. As soon as my sweetheart saw the picture for the first time, the first words out of his mouth were . . . "That's him!" The artist did a terrific job of capturing his likeness. Thank You."
Melanie Tillman.

Dog Memorial painting by Pictures to Paint

Dog Memorial Gifts

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