Memorial Portrait Painting of Deceased Loved One with Family

After losing someone it’s only natural for us to look for ways to express our love and memorialize it. Here are some ideas on how family and friends can express their devotion and honor the person they all love.

Memorial Painting

Commissioning a custom memorial portrait is a way to express the strong bond you’ve shared with someone. Art is about eternity, about capturing the essence of a person, of a relationship, of a feeling. It doesn’t have to be a portrait of one person, it can be a family portrait or a landscape you think they’d love. A shared memory, a favorite place. Find the photo you want to be painted and recreate those memories.

Memorial Releases

A memorial release of lanterns, for example, can be a beautiful way to honor the memory of a loved one. You can be creative and choose butterflies or doves. There are even special biodegradable balloons you can use. Everyone could write their message and attach it accordingly depending on what you decided to release. Releases are not only beautiful but symbolic and there are many ways you can adapt them and make them individual.

Food and Drink

Share a meal, snacks, or beverages with the person’s friends. Choose from the things they loved to eat and drink. Organize a small bar with their favorite drinks. Add some of the snacks they liked. You can combine this with a display of their favorite books and music, maybe some CDs or a display of their hobbies. Share stories about those.


Plants are another symbol of recreation and that’s why planting a memorial garden can be another good idea. Do you remember what kind of flowers the person liked? Use them for the garden. If you’re crafty, make a small bench, engrave it. Maybe you don’t have the space for a garden, so consider planting a tree somewhere.


No matter where we are we will always carry the ones we love with us. A piece of jewelry can be another way to keep them close. Engrave a bracelet or a ring, make a locket with a photo, a favorite quote a poem.

Every person is unique and relationships are unique, too. At Pictures to Paint we’ve learned to express our feelings through art. Our custom memorial painting of a deceased loved one with family offers a heartfelt tribute, preserving moments of togetherness forever. Find your individual way to memorialize the person you love. 

Memorial Painting to honor a deceased loved one

"My girl's grandfather passed away before she graduated college and would like to give this to her."

memorial painting with added deceased loved one dad to a family portrait
portrait with deceased loved one
painting of loved ones

"My husband loved the painting of our wedding day where his late father was added. He was brought to tears and it’s his favorite gift. I’m so happy with the quality and the customer service. I would recommend to use Picture to Paint!"- Sefika T.

Custom memorial portrait of a deceased loved one
memorial painting from merged photos by Pictures to Paint
"My grandfather died when I was a freshman in college with rare leukemia, unexpectedly. My cousin, whose wedding was in June last year, wanted him to take her down the aisle more than anything. I want the picture to look like this. Thanks, J. P. "
Personalized Memorial Painting
Memorial portrait painting from photos
Memorial portrait of a deceased loved one by PicturesToPaint
"I was so grateful and amazed to see such a lifelike painting of my late husband. Everyone who has seen it says "Wow, what great painting," because it looks as though he could walk right into the room. Thank you so much, Pictures to Paint!" - Teresa B.
Pictures to Paint reviews
April 11, 2021 — Mariyah

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