Family Portrait Painting from Photos

To gather all family members in one place, bridging the gap between past and present, and achieving the perfect moment of happiness—painted family portrait makes for a heartfelt gift, serving as a constant reminder of love and the enduring connections between family members.

In all these instances, art possesses the power to transform what seems impossible into a reality - creating the perfect family painting.

family portrait painting

Family Portrait Painting: Yes, It Can Be Done!

Paintings have the amazing ability to combine distinct universes. When looking at family portraits, you see a real moment that is caught in the frame, but it doesn't exist in the real world. It is, after all, a painting, which is a representation that goes beyond what is real, like human fantasy.

Memories are real events that brought us happiness and are deeply etched in our minds. Then there are "I-wish" dreams, which are real-life moments we can imagine but haven't had or may never have. If these dreams can't come true in real life, they can come true in art.
And one way to do this is the custom painting family portrait made from merged photos.

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Family Portrait from Individual Photos: What is it?

Merging multiple photos is a method of creating a family painting wherein the artist combines individual pictures of family members into one personalized portrait. The result is a handmade, realistic oil painting that feels like a genuine moment.

Why Opt for Hand Painted Portraits?

Sometimes life just goes the way of one’s dreams.
Sometimes we just can’t capture that perfect moment of family happiness into one photo.
Sometimes we just want to have a memory of something that never happened or will never happen but we know will make us incredibly happy.
And in such times, custom portraits from photo are a good choice.

A couple of occasions on which you may decide to have a custom family portrait painting:

Life doesn't always unfold according to our dreams. There are times when capturing that perfect family moment in a photo becomes challenging. Custom painted family portraits become a fitting choice during these moments.

Consider opting for custom oil paintings for family in the following situations:

  • When family members live in different places and don't have the chance to meet often.
  • If two or more dear family members have never met.
  • In remembrance of a relative who has passed away and there's no existing photo together.
  • When there isn't a perfect family picture with everyone smiling or looking at the camera.

Should you decide you want one, PicturesToPaint can assist you.

How does our service work?

The process is straightforward:

  1. Select clear photos from your archive.
  2. Upload the pictures on our website or email them to us at
  3. Leave any notes or specific requirements for the artist.

Our editors will merge the photos into one powerful image. Once you approve the preview, our artist will transform it into a magical family oil painting. We keep you involved at every major step to ensure your satisfaction.

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Canvas Family Painting: How Long Does it Take?

It typically takes 25 days to receive your finished personalized family portrait painting. For a quicker turnaround, opt for our express service, which takes just 15 days. The express service gives your painted portrait priority. If you have a specific date in mind, please let us know. Adding the express service at the shopping cart page incurs an additional 15%. For larger paintings for family, this may extend the artist's timeline by 2-3 days.

Choosing the Right Technique for Your Custom Painted Family Portrait from a Photo

Our artists use various techniques. For a super-realistic portrait with vivid colors and a classical feel, we recommend oil painting. If you prefer an impressionistic style, opt for watercolor portrait—it's glossy, transparent, and textured.

Whether oil or watercolor, a family portrait painting from a photo is a unique gift of love for every occasion.

Create Your Family Painting

What Our Clients Say About Their Personalized Family Portrait Paintings

Family portrait oil painting from multiple photos by Pictures To Paint
"Excellent work. I got a family portrait done for my wife birthday. Thank you so
much for the quick turnaround and the expert work!" - Andre P.
family oil painting from photo
personalized family portrait
"The painting was amazing! My wife laughed and cried at the sight of her dad holding his grandson. The painting was beautifully crafted and 2 different pictures one old and one new were blended together to look original." - Zach
custom painted family portrait

Embrace the power of art to transform your family's story into an everlasting masterpiece. Our personalized family portraits, created through the marriage of photo and art, capture the love, joy, and unique connections that make your family unique.

Whether it's the vibrant realism of an oil painting or the charming allure of watercolor portrait, each stroke resonates with emotion. Join our family of satisfied clients like Andre P., Zach and so on by allowing us to turn your memories into a treasured work of art. Order now and give your family the gift of a lifetime—a portrait that not only captures moments but also creates them.

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