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custom painted portraits

Maria Lopez

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Over the moon
I am so very happy with my painting, my husbands little sister passed away before we even met.
Once we started having kids I knew all he ever wanted was to see his two little girls and his sister.
This painting means so much to my family.

Tom C

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Wonderful Painting!
Pictures to Paint did a superb job turning a photo to a beautiful canvas painting for my friend and her family. She lost a family member and I've always wanted to do something special as a memorial gift for them. When she received her Pictures to Paint artwork, she and her family loved it.

It was so very touching and brought so much love and warmth to the family in their time of mourning.

Portrait Painting from Photos

portrait painting from photos

Jennifer Barrows

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10 Stars!
Purchased a charcoal painting for my husband as a Christmas gift. I was AMAZED at how beautiful this painting is.
I would recommend to anyone looking for something authentic.
Worth every penny.
Thank you so much for everything!


Custom Painting Portraits

custom painting portraits


PicturesToPaint reviews

Not enough hallmark card words..
There are not enough hallmark card words to describe the joy that this service has brought. Sure there were tears but they were tears of joy, shock and memories. Like my sister said you made the impossible happen.

Portrait Art from Photo

portrait art from photo

Aimee Wright

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Memorial painting of my cousin 💕
The painting was breathtaking. It brought me to tears every time I looked at it. The details and color were perfect. The artist brought every detail of her face to life. I had a custom background done, with my cousin in the forefront, and the artist meshed the two so well it was truly a masterpiece. I only wish I could personally meet the artist, to hug and thank her. She has no idea how special her work is. I gifted the painting to my cousins parents. They absolutely loved it.
Ps. Excellent customer service as well. They worked with me for almost a month to get every detail perfect. Th
ank you!🙏

Custom Portrait Painting

Custom Portrait Painting

Bruce Davison

PicturesToPaint reviews

This was a very smooth and convenient…
This was a very smooth and convenient process. Staff was super nice and understanding. Got the picture down prefect and was very kind about making corrections. Once complete the painting was delivered very quickly. Would use this service again.





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Custom paintings are not just art; they are vessels of emotion, cherished memories, and lasting connections.

December 13, 2023 — Mariyah

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